Back to the Dorms

I arrived in Tel Aviv almost fully intact. My large green backpack didn’t make the flight and spent the night in Instanbul; it should be delivered by Turkish Air today. This is not the first time my bag missed a connection and I now put all the essentials in my carry-on. I have enough clean underwear to last a couple of days.

I spent last night in my dorm room. After being ejected by the University of Washington dorms in 2009 I swore I would never go back. Well, here I am: a 24 year old college grad living in a dorm room, call me Van Wilder. To be fair, it is much nicer than the dorm at the UW and could almost be called a student apartment. It is a 4 bedroom / 2 bathroom place and we all have plenty of personal space.

The dorms are on Einstein Street

My roommates are Michael, a French fellow who is fairly religious. Ethan, from Baltimore, whose girlfriend made Aliyah with him. Dan, another religious French guy we have yet to meet. I really like my new roommies and I think we’ll get along. Ethan and I do not keep strictly kosher and we will have to talk to our religious roommates about kitchen rules.

Besides us, there are two women who have already moved in. Hila, originally from Israel but raised mostly in Palo Alto, and Cami who is from Argentina but has lived and gone to school all over. So far, everyone speaks a lot better Hebrew than me, which on the plus side means I need to try harder to keep up.

Today and tomorrow, I’m going to shop for household goods and setting up a bank account. On Wednesday we are leaving for an overnight to Masada and the Dead Sea. Then we come back for Shabbot and to start work on Sunday. Oh yeah, the work week starts on Sunday here.

Written on October 20, 2014