Moving to Tel Aviv

It’s official: the Israel Tech Challenge accepted me as a fellow in a 10 month intensive programming fellowship to be held in Tel Aviv. The program is partially funded by the Israeli government – which wants to recruit Diaspora Jews to move to Israel – and partially funded by the private sector – which wants to recruit Diaspora Jews to work for them.

Tel Aviv is the startup capital of the startup nation. There are more startups per capita in Israel than any other country. It makes perfect sense that a government, which already helps pays for Jews to come and hookup in Israel a.k.a. Birthright, would pay for some heebs to come and contribute and/or benefit from the tech scene.

The program will focus on Big Data and Web Security, both really hot issues in tech as our personal decisions are put into the hands of algorithms and the NSA spies on everything we do.

For my part, I hope to eat lots of falafel, soak up the mediterranian breeze, and start a sandal collection. I’d also like to surf, rock climb, and backpack. I guess at some point I will write some code.

Hopefully my next post will be from the Ben Gurion Airport.

Written on October 2, 2014