Israeli Flag

Today, all six of my French classmates and a few of the Americans went to a memorial service for those who were killed in the terror attacks last week. Thankfully, no one in my program was closely affected, though one of the victims was a third cousin of a participant and all of them knew people who were personally affected. Nonetheless, it was a shock to my classmates one of whom told us, β€œIt could have been me.” I am glad we were able to come together as one tribe and one people.


At the ceremony someone had a sign of the Muslim worker at the Kosher market who saved many lives by ushering the Jewish shoppers into a meat cooler. He then snuck out of the building and provided police with the key that allowed them to enter and end the situation. Four Jews were left dead, including a 22 year old guy who had just returned from his Taglit-Birthright trip in Israel. Lassana Bathily, the grocery store employee, and Ahmed Merabet, the French Muslim police officer killed by the terrorists, show that radical Islam does not represent a majority of Muslims. Yes, many if not a majority of Muslims do not share our Western values including the freedom to mock religion, however they exemplify bravery when they risk their lives for Jews and Christians.


Seeing the incredibly diverse state of Israel proves to me that Jews and Muslims can live together in peace. Unfortunately, radical Islam is on the rise and the World is blinded by fear and political correctness. I wonder if this incident is a blip or a harbinger.

Written on January 11, 2015